Daniel Buren at MoMA

May 3, 2022 Daniel Buren at MoMA News

Daniel Buren

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, has opened a room on its fourth floor featuring 12 striped cotton fabric works by Daniel Buren

In 1965, Buren visited the Marché Saint-Pierre, a textile market in Paris, and purchased rolls of striped canvas reminiscent of awnings you might see outside a café. Taken by the stripes’ minimalism and neutrality, Buren began to use this canvas for his works, painting over the colored stripes at or near the left and right borders of the canvas in white acrylic. He felt that the simplicity of the stripes allows his works to relate to their physical surroundings—and in so doing, they call attention to the social and political dimensions of the contexts in which they’re displayed.


The works will remain on view at MoMA until autumn 2022.